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Identify Great Talent

Our tools help football clubs identify talent through their charitable arms.

Effortless Administration

We do this buy saving you lots of time on administration and process with our purpose built football charity tools.

Improve Quality

This gives you more time to improve the quality of your offerings, get new business and find great talent.

Available on iOS, Android and from any web browser.

Why is it special?

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Why is it special?

coachsix is an integrated Football Charity Management System that increases efficiency meaning you can spend more time growing the impact you have and identify future talent for the club.

Booking Engine

Allow customers to book and keep track of their courses using our booking system, available across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Coach Scheduling

Assign coaches to sessions and allow them to access their schedule through a mobile app. Here they can also see and take register at their sessions.

Automatically Replace Coaches

Sometimes things happen and coaches can't make their sessions. We've created an automatic algorithm which auto appoints a new coach when another drops out, meaning you never have to worry.

Track Performance of Participants

Coaches can input performance data on the children they coach. You can see how players develop over time and use this database to keep an eye out on who you should be inviting to your academy for trials.


An executive dashboard that gives you insight in to all of the different operations within the Football Charity such as number of bookings, number of customers, coaches and child attendance as well as much more.


As all of your coaches use coachsix there is no more need for them to submit timesheets or to look through all of your e-mails and spreadsheets to decipher, we generate them automatically for you.

Profile Alerts

Get timely alerts as to when coaches certifications such as CRBs and Health and Safety certificates are running out and act proactively to get them re-trained so they can continue coaching without hassle.

Communication Tools

Talk to your coaches and customers more easily and more efficiently using our in-built e-mail and text message services. If a session gets cancelled press one button to alert all participants.

We've assembled a great team, with over 15 years of experience in digital. We're mission driven and keen to help identify the next generation of footballing talent. It'd be great to see England win the World Cup in our lifetime and we hope to have a hand in that.

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